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Design of Tactics book now available

The book 'Design of Tactics' edited by Francesca Gotti, Jacopo Leveratto and Cristina Colombo of Politecnico di Milano, and including contributions from Project Leader Susannah Eckersley of Newcastle University and former Politecnico di Milano PI Francesca Lanz, is available from dpr - barcelona.

This book presents the process and initial outcomes of a three-year investigation into the design of tactical interventions, participatory practices, actions, strategies, and other experiences for revitalising and enhancing the quality of marginal and neglected public spaces in contemporary European cities. The initial impulse came from more comprehensive and multifarious research related to the notions of encounters between people and cultures in public realms, a study that developed as part of the EU-funded project HERA – en/counter/points: (Re)Negotiating Belonging through Culture and Contact in Public Space and Place.

By examining participatory, dialogic cultural activities, activism and appropriations in and of public spaces, The Design of Tactics explores the significance of encounters between people and culture in public spaces, points of encounter where they may take place, and counterpoints which may be contained, silenced or expressed within them. Public places and spaces are where many of the contests and negotiations over culture and integration take place.

Editors: Francesca Gotti, Jacopo Leveratto, Cristina F. Colombo
Copy-editing: Yellow Hub srl
Design: Francesca Gotti
Languague: English
Cover: Softcover
Date: January 2022
Size: 11 x 18 cm
ISBN: 978-84-124942-0-4
Publisher: dpr-barcelona

The design of Tactics – dpr-barcelona

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