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Issue 2: Volume 2(1), 2009 - Boundaries







Magdalena Sztencel (Newcastle University)

Boundaries Crossed: The Influence of English on Modern Polish


Martin Whiteford (Bournemouth University)

Who Are the Wayfarers (And Why Are They Still Here)?


Howard Hsueh-Hao Chiang (Princeton University)

Double Alterity and the Global Historiography of Sexuality: China, Europe, and the Emergence of Sexuality as a Global Possibility


Klem James (Manchester University)

Breton, Bataille and Lacan's Notion of "Transgressive" Sublimation


Neil Archer (Cambridge University)

Baise moi: The Art of Going Too Far


Ana Salzberg (University of Edinburgh)

The (Im)mortality of the Lived-Body: Marilyn Monroe's Screen Presence in The Misfits


Editorial Board

The team that worked on this issue:

Kevin McManus, General Editor

Khaled Al Ebyary, Editor

Adam Brandt, Editor

Valerie Egdell, Editor

Hellen Giblin-Jowett, Editor

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