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Lay summary of DEEP Study's results available PDF 110Kb

A lay summary of the DEEP study's results is now available and has been sent in hard copy to all those who completed the study and requested a summary. We have also provided it as a PDF in this news item so other interested parties can download it.  

Paper based on the interview data published

We have now had the scientific paper based on the interview data published in the sister journal to the Journal of Dental Research the Journal of Dental Research Clinical and Translational Research. This is an important paper as it summarises patients' perceptions and experiences of care pathways for persistent orofacial pain in their own words.

A brief summary of the paper's findings is in the news item below, but for those of you with access to journals the paper can be found online here. It will also be available in a non-typeset form in the University's e-repository in due course: search using the phrase "DEEP study" which brings up all of the DEEP study's papers thus far.

First major paper published and three others underway

We are delighted to announce that our first major paper has been published in the highly prestigious Journal of Dental Research. 

For those of you who have access to journals online the early view of this paper is available here and a open-access non-typeset version will be freely available to all in the university's repository in due course once the journal's embargo has expired. Dr Justin Durham has also explained the meaning of the results in a short video:

For those of you who can't wait, the brief details of the findings of this paper were that in this paper when we examined the direct costs of healthcare - those paid by the NHS for visits to see healthcare professionals, paying for medications and treatments - we identified that a large proportion of these costs were due to multiple visits to different healthcare providers looking for a diagnosis and or treatment. We know from our interview based data (see news and events page for summary) that these types of visits do not always provide the answers or treatments patients are searching for and therefore we have suggested in this paper that screening patients with a well-established graded chronic pain scale could ensure that those most severely affected immediately receive specialist care. We have also suggested that the overall cost of care for persistent orofacial pain could probably be substantially reduced by better-structured systems of care and, at the same time, care would be improved by concentrating expertise in specific centres.

There are three other papers currently in progress:

  • Interview based data paper - submitted and awaiting feedback from a journal
  • Long-term follow-up data over twenty-four months of treatment paper - being written currently
  • Indirect costs (out-of-pocket expenses and employer costs) paper - being written currently

Scientific abstracts from 2016

The DEEP study team presented two scientific papers at the recent IADR conference in South Korea. There was a great deal of interest on the indirect costs (out-of-pocket and employer costs) paper with researchers keen to learn more about the methods used to calculate, and the implications of, these figures. The preliminary findings of the indirect costs show the significant impact of persistent orofacial pain on sufferers when they continue to work with the pain present on a day-to-day basis. The other paper explained the ability of a simple scale (the graded chronic pain scale) to predict how sufferers are affected by their pain (their quality of life) and also how they might be allocated to different care pathways to receive care for their pain. 


All abstracts for DEEP study presentations are freely available at this link. Please use the phrase "DEEP study" in the search box to the mid-right of the page.

Scientific abstracts from 2015

Abstracts from preliminary analysis of DEEP data presented at the International Association of Dental Research's conference are available at the links below:

 Abstract on transitions between pain states

Abstract on patient perceptions of orofacial pain


Scientific abstracts from 2014

Abstracts from preliminary analysis of baseline DEEP data presented at the International Association for Dental Research's conference are available at the links below:

Abstract on quality of life in persistent orofacial pain

Abstract on NHS costs of care for persistent orofacial pain

Publication on baseline quality of life

Publication on baseline quality of life showing comparison to multidimensional pain. Published and typeset version available here for those who have Journal of Oral Rehabilitation access. Otherwise open access non-typeset version available here for all readers from 30/3/16.

Study Protocol

DEEP Study's protocol is available now on open access.


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