Appendix 2. Spelling of Tyneside Linguistic Survey dialect words

Word / termDefinition / explanation
a bodysomebody
ally oukin, - ookintruce word in children's games
baffthe alternate week/Saturday when the father didn't receive any pay
bayschildren's game (hop-scotch?)
blazersee "bleezer"
bleezermetal sheet or hood put in front of fire to direct the draught
boodybroken china or coloured glass used by children as play things or toy money; china of any kind, e.g. boody teapot, boody dish; a petty sum of money
chaseytig, a street chasing game
clammingto be hungry
clart, clartsdirt, mud, soft ground
clartydirty, muddy
cloutcloth, rag
cointurn (a corner)
creehut, pigeon loft, hen-house
cushty"cool", excellent, great
cushyeasy, easy going
daresn'tdare not
dabberschildren's game (probably hop-scotch)
diablochildren's game, involving three sticks, a string and a bobbin
div, divn'tdo, don't
divvieCo-op dividend account
dunchbump into, crash into
dursn'tdare not
fettlehow one feels (e.g. "fine fettle"); to fix or mend something, or get something done; to teach someone a lesson, best someone
friskgood fun, good laugh, excellent experience
gadgieman, bloke, old man
geetintensifier: + adjective = "very"; + noun = "complete", "real", "utter"
girthschirldren's game with hoop
gullykitchen knife, large knife
hadawaygo away, get away!, get lost, never!
happy baccycannabis
hinnyterm of address for a girl or woman
hitchie dabberssome kind of children's game
hoppingsname of an annual fair held on Newcastle Town Moor for over 100 years
howaydiscourse feature of encouragement or exhortation
howkdig; beat, thump
humpity back pierabbit pie
kepto catch a ball
knocky nine doorchildren's game involving knocking on doors
knooledkept down, hen-pecked, e.g. a woman or children can be knooled by a man
loweflame, light
mackemperson from Sunderland
mastingan infusion or brewing of tea
mellhammer, large hammer
mensehonour, decency
moggies, moggersmarbles
mounty kittymulti-kitty
muggies, muggersmarbles
multikittystreet leap frog-game (all players pile on top of two players backs who are leaning against a wall); also "mounty-kitty"
nay"no" modifying an adjective or noun
nebto be nosey
owerover; too (+ adjective)
palatic(very) drunk
parkyfussy, esp. about food; cold
pease puddinglocal pea based dish
pitmaticdialect of pit villages
pit yackerperson from pit village, with distinctive dialect
plodgeto walk through water or mud
relievostreet chasing game with two teams and bases
scallymischievous person, inclined to antisocial or illegal behaviour
scoffto make fun of
scuddingbeating, thrashing
shotty in goalsstreet football game
skeetsboots, shoes
skinchers, skinchiestruce word called in children's games, usually accompanied by crossing the fingers
skitto mock, taunt
skittycheeky, taunting
slavvergood natured coversation, flattery, patter
sneckdoor latch
spanniesgame where coins are tossed against a wall
stotbounce (e.g. of a ball or of heavy rain)
stottyround flat bread roll
take a lendto take advantage of someone, to overstep the mark
tally hochildren's game
targersomeone with a lot of cheek and nerve, who always gets away with things
tawsleather straps with thongs, used for punishment
tiggytig, a street chasing game
toodlewalk casually, wander
tootlewander casually
tredgychildren's game
tuggytig, a street chasing game
tuggy on highvariant of tuggy (q.v.)
tuggy on lowvariant of tuggy (q.v.)
varnighvery near
weyemphatic word calling attention to the following statement
wey ayeyes, of course
wacky baccycannabis
workie ticketcheeky person