Edinburgh University Press: Dialects of English

The Dialects of English series provides concise, accessible, authoritative and up-to-date documentation for varieties of English from all over the English-speaking world. Written by experts who have conducted first-hand research on these varieties, the volumes aim to become the most obvious starting point for both academic and interested non-academic readers who would like to know more about a particular dialect.

The volumes follow a common structure, covering the background, phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexis and history of one clearly defined variety of English (or of a number of closely related varieties), and conclude with an annotated bibliography and some sample texts.

The Dialects of English website hosts the audio files which accompany the volumes in the series. The files are made available free of charge, but are copyrighted and may only be used for the purposes of teaching and research. They may not be copied, further distributed or sold in any form.

The editors of the series are: Prof. Joan C. Beal (University of Sheffield), Prof. Karen P. Corrigan (Newcastle University) and Prof. April McMahon (University of Kent).