Corpus header

The global header element, <teiHeader >, contains metadata descriptive of the corpus as a whole. This is divided into four main parts:


<fileDesc>  </fileDesc>

<encodingDesc>  </encodingDesc>

<profileDesc>  </profileDesc>

<revisionDesc>  </revisionDesc>



  • the <fileDesc> element records full bibliographical details of the document, such as its title, author(s), funding body, distribution arrangements, and the sources on which it is based.
  • the <encodingDesc> element describes the editorial principles and practice used to generate the corpus.
  • the <profileDesc> element contains contextual information about the corpus, such as where and why it was compiled, by whom and for what purpose, and so on.
  • the <revisionDesc> element logs the history of any revisions to the corpus.