About the Project

Previous research has suggested that 'stress' is a significant concern in some women's lives, I am interested in exploring this further.

The day2day project is about women’s experiences of managing stresses and strains, and women’s views and experiences of alcohol use in relation to stress.

What is day2day for?

Talking to women about how they experience 'stress' in their day-to-day lives, and developing greater understanding about stress and alcohol use will be helpful for health professionals, academics and other people that are interested in providing services that are relevant to women and sensitive to the lives they lead.

By the end of the project I hope to make suggestions about what types of resources may benefit women and help them to manage stresses and strains, particularly in relation to alcohol use. 

Who can be involved?

Women aged 18-64 years living in Tyne and Wear or Northumberland can take part in the project. I am hoping to speak to women living in different areas and experiencing a range of social circumstances.

Taking part will involve a one-off interview with the researcher at a time and place convenient to you. It could take approximately an hour.

When will the findings of the project be available?

The findings of the research will be available by 2017. I can provide participants with a full or summary report of the findings. I also hope to run some events that people involved in the research could attend if they wish. I will provide more information closer to the time.


The information that participants give in the interviews will be held securely and treated in the strictest confidence; participants' involvement in the research will not be discussed with anyone else. Your real name would never be used. Other names, places, and information that could possibly identify participants will also be changed when the interviews are written up, and for research reports and other outputs from the project.  The research has been approved by the Newcastle University Faculty of Medical Science Ethics Committee.