GWA data

Details of the GWA datasets generated from the 1958BC are available from the European Genome-phenome Archive and are summarised in table below.

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Chip or Assay Used
Affymetrix 500K 1504 1 490032
Infinium HumanHap 550K v1.1 1436 1 555174
Infinium HumanHap 550K v3 2604 3 561303
Illumina 15K Custom chip 1504 1 9803
Affymetrix v6 3000 2 934967
Illumina 1.2M 3000 2 1157986
Illumina HumanEXome-12v1_A-GenCall, zCall 5841 5 579252
Illumina Human 660-Quad  872
4 582892
Illumina ImmunoBeadShip – Illuminus, GenoSNP 6812 6  
Dynal RELI SSO assay 6662 HLA  
Exome 5964 - 247849

Key to Study Controls 1-6:

EGA study reference & further information:
[1] WTCCC1:  Wellcome Trust Case control Consortium 1
[2] WTCCC2:  Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2
[3] T1DGC:  Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium
[4] GABRIEL:  Large-Scale Genome-Wide Association Study of Asthma
[5] METABOCHIPAssociation Studies using the metabochip array
[6] IMMUNOCHIP:  Coeliac Disease Immunochip dataset


Application and Access (GWA data)

All of the above data can be accessed in isolation (i.e. not linked to any other data sets - including each other - or to any phenotype data) by applying to the data access committee on the relevant EGA webpage. In most cases this is If the above data is required to be linked to other data (including multiple GWA data listed above) then an application to METADAC is required. This is outlined on the data access page.