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Recruiting two Post-Doctoral Positions at Newcastle Univ. and Univ. of Iowa

Two post-doctoral positions are available as part of an international partnership between Newcastle University (UK) and University of Iowa (USA). The goal of the research and partnership is to directly assist medical science by providing insights on neuronal mechanisms, circuits and networks that support cognition.

Newcastle University Medical School position: 

This position is for a post-doctoral research scientist for an MRC (UK) funded project on Neuronal circuits for perceptual inference. This work will be based at Newcastle University, UK (Faculty of Medical Sciences, lead supervisor Dr Yuki Kikuchi). The research will involve cutting-edge laminar-neurophysiology, laminar-fMRI and neuronal optogenetic studies of prefrontal and auditory circuits in a primate model. Candidates for this position should have a strong academic record, relevant experience, including empirical and analytical skills, and strong presenting and writing skills.

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic position: 

The University of Iowa works with neurosurgery patients and is studying Cognitive system impact, compensation and plasticity, jointly funded by NIH, Dept of Neurosurgery and Iowa Neuroscience Institute funding. We are seeking to appoint a ‘second-in-command’ role as part of growing the team at the University of Iowa. The role (lead supervisor Prof Chris Petkov) will involve coordinating and supporting the neurosurgery patient research team, including testing patients and the analysis and reporting of single neuron responses, laminar recordings and ultrasound brain perturbation of the fronto-temporal system in humans. Candidates for this position should have a strong academic record, leadership experience and relevant experience, including strong analytical, presenting and writing skills.

The research as part of this international partnership is directly relevant for advancing cognitive neuroscience and improving diagnostic and treatment options for neurological and neurosurgical patients, including individuals with amnesia, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder and communication disorders.

Financial support is available for 4 years. The successful applicant has the opportunity to receive training in state-of-the-art neurobiological technology and support with career development in a collegial environment located in parts of the world with very high quality of life. Travel between sites as part of the partnership will also be possible.


Dr Yuki Kikuchi (Newcastle University), Prof Tim Griffiths (Newcastle University, UCL, University of Iowa), Prof and Vice Chair for Research Chris Petkov (University of Iowa, Newcastle University) & Matthew Howard III (University of Iowa)

Duration: Two positions at each site with funding for up to 4 years

Closing date:

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled (position filled)

Applications will be reviewed from submission until the positions have been filled. Strong completing PhD students can also be considered. 

How to Apply: 

Please submit a covering letter, CV and the contact information of at least three individuals who can provide professional references. The covering letter should state how your interests and experience relate to the position you are interested in. Send your application documents by email to or and please include ‘Newcastle-Iowa Post-Doctoral Position’ in the subject field.

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