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MRC Programme Grant support on ‘Neuronal Circuit for Perceptual Inference’

The lab will be supported by a four-year Multiple-PI MRC programme grant from 2023 January, ‘Neuronal Circuit for Perceptual Inference’. £1.8M. PIs: Chris Petkov, Yuki Kikuchi, Tim Griffith (Co-I: Colline Poirier, RCo-I: Fabien Balezeau). The work will focus on understanding the neurobiology of fronto-temporal brain regions at cortical laminar and neuronal circuit levels supporting auditory cognition and perceptual inference using cutting-edge laminar neurophysiology and laminar fMRI combined with optogenetics. The studies will also inform on the connectivity and circuit level of understanding between frontal and temporal lobe regions using innovative approaches being used by the clinical group in parallel with neurosurgical patients. Our goal is to assist medical science by providing insights on neural mechanisms that support auditory cognition and relevant network for understanding human disorders such as autism, schizophrenia mood and other disorders now with a perceptual inference hypothesis as a core deficit.


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