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FMS REDA Funded Outreach Event at the Scent & Science Festival, Haltwhistle

Congratulations to our lab members on a successful outreach event funded by the FMS Research Development Excellence Award

The event was held at the Featherstone Castle Scent & Science Festival on the 1st of July, hosted by Barking Brains. We featured a public lecture and a variety of hands-on activities on the topics of "Neurodiversity in Animals" including stratifying approaches based on social and cognitive behavioural characterisations and the development of non-invasive treatment options to advance personalised medicine approaches in animals as well as humans using the latest neuroscience technologies.

A total of 5 hours of non-stop demonstrations by our dedicated public engagement team was extremely well received. Special thanks to Emma Wolgar and Jen Nacef for the exciting interactivities for social behavior characterisations, Zhipeng Zhang and Samran Shahid for cognitive behavioral testing, and Ben Slater for non-invasive treatment development..


Photo credit: Yamato Kikuchi

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