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Ken Willis, BSc(Econ) (London), PhD (Ncl), is Professor of Environmental Economics, and Director of CREAM. His research interests cover environmental valuation, regulation, and management, and he has experience in appraisal and valuation of environmental projects and policies, including agri-environmental schemes, cultural heritage, nature conservation, recreation, water quality, and town and country planning policies. Expertise encompasses environmental benefit estimation techniques (travel-cost models, hedonic price models, contingent valuation methods, stated preference or choice experiment methods); environmental cost measures (averting and preventative expenditure, and replacement cost techniques); econometrics; discounted cash flow; cost-benefit analysis; decision and risk analysis. He has also undertaken research in housing economics; labour economics; and investment in industrial and factory development programmes. He has worked on overseas projects in Ghana, India, Iran, and Malaysia. He is based in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.
Web site:ken.willis

Guy Garrod, BSc (Hull), MSc (Warw), is Deputy Director of CREAM and a Reader in Agricultural Economics. Coming from a background in mathematics, operations research and statistics he has worked extensively in the application and development of methodologies for use in project and policy appraisal in the environment. He has key experience in hedonic pricing and travel cost methodologies, as well as in contingent valuation. His main research interests centre on the development of discrete-choice methodologies for environmental valuation, including contingent ranking and other stated preference techniques. He also has practical experience in the analysis of housing supply issues and in areas of transport and energy economics, and has worked over seas on projects in South East Asia and West Africa. He is based in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Food Marketing.
Web site:Guy Garrod

Neil Powe, BA (Ncl Poly), MSc (Ncl Poly), PhD (UEA), is a senior lecturer teaching methods for planning and geography students. He has two key research interests non-market environmental valuation and rural planning.  The non-market environmental valuation research has specialised in the use of stated preference methods, testing the validity of the approach and determining its applicability to environmental management problems. The rural planning research has has significantly enhanced our understanding of market towns, in terms of their characteristics and the interactions between housing, employment and retail.   This research has also considered their future viability.   Coming from a mixed background of economics and information technology, he is also interested in the use of multidisciplinary approaches to improve these existing methodologies. This has previously been illustrated through the use combined use of statistics techniques, focus groups and geographical information systems. He is based in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.
Web site:Neil Powe

Riccardo Scarpa, Laurea (Tuscia), M.Sc. (UCW), M.A. (UW-Mad., USA), Ph.D. (UW-Mad., USA) is a Professor in Environmental Economics at the Department of Economics, Waikato Managemnet School, Waikato University, New Zealand. Research interests include: forest economics; micro-econometrics; non-market valuation; and robust estimation. He has published in journals such as Land Economics, J. of Agricultural Economics, Ecological Economics, J. of Forest Economics and Forest Policy and Economics.
Web site:Riccardo Scarpa

Jose Maria Grisolia, BSc (UNED, Madrid), MA (U Leeds), PhD (U Las Palmas, Spain) is an AHRC research fellow, investigating the value and impact of the arts and humanities using economic methods. The research will look at four specific areas: museums and galleries, archaeology and heritage sites, film archives and theatre. Coming from a background in Microeconomics, specifically Discrete Choice Analysis and Stated Preferences techniques. He has a long experience as a lecturer in Economics and has a particular interest in Cultural Economics. He is based in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape


Eric Ruto, Bsc (Egerton, Kenya), PhD (Newcastle) is a Research Associate investigating farmers’ preferences for the design attributes of agri-environment schemes as part of ITAES, a multidisciplinary project funded by the EU under its 6th Framework Programme. Working with Guy Garrod and Neil Powe, we are conducting a stated preference study of farmers’ participation in agri-environment schemes in the UK in co-operation with partners in Europe who are working on the environmental, economic and institutional dimensions of the design and evaluation agri-environmental policy. Based at the Centre for Rural Economy, Eric has a background in agricultural and resource economics

E-mail: Eric.Ruto@ncl.ac.uk

Website: Eric Ruto

Colin Wymer, BSc, PhD (Ncl), is a consultant, with a PhD in mathematics. His research interests encompass the statistical analysis of spatial information (Neural networks, Spatial data structures, Census analysis, Cluster Analysis, Spatia l pattern analysis.). Has worked on Italian Census data with IRPET (Florence) and ISTAT (Rome). He is based in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.


Sustainable Development of Eco-Tourism in Rural Areas, with emphasis on Lebanon.

Abdualelah AL-MAYOUF
Private Sector Participation in Water Provision: a policy to meet rapid growth and development, with reference to Arriyadh City, Saudi Arabia.
E-mail: mailto:Abdualelah.al-Mayouf@ncl.ac.uk

Zuraini ANANG
Estimating the Effective Demand for Improved Water Supply Service in Malaysia

Use, Market Uptake, and Environmental Benefits of Biodiesel Fuel: a case study of Bangkok, Thailand.

Valuing the Arts and Cultural Heritage
E-mail: Naomi.Kinghorn@ncl.ac.uk

Shamsul Bahrain RAWI
The Use of Choice Experiments in Assessing Tourist Destinations: a case study of Redang Marine National Park, Malaysia.
E-mail: shamsul@uum.edu.my

Multi-criteria-Contingent Valuation Analysis of Spatial Development Scenarios for Tourism Development & Natural Resource Protection in Tioman Island, Malaysia.
E-mail: Kamaruddin.Shamsuddin@ncl.ac.uk

Sam Shor Nahar YAAKOB
Identification of Physical Impact Indicators for Tropical Mountain Trails: a case study of Mount Tahan Trail, Taman Negara National Park, Peninsular Malaysia.
E-mail: s.s.n.yaakob@ncl.ac.uk

Pollution absorption attributable to urban woodland
E-mail: Hemavathy.kuppuswamy@ncl.ac.uk

Kyungjin AN
Using virtual reality within landscape design
E-mail: kyungjin.an@gmail.com

Quality of environment in public spaces: an evolution of pedestrian movement in the city of Tehran
E-mail: mmoeini@yahoo.com

Use and analysis of data within land use planning
E-mail: mike.waggot@virgin.net

Hedonic pricing of light rail
E-mail: m.f.dziauddin@ncl.ac.uk

The efects of the physical environment in schools on student performance
E-mail: N.S.O.al-Dhaheri@newcastle.ac.uk

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