COST Countries

‌COST is an intergovernmental framework consisting of 36 Member Countries and a Cooperating State. This allows researchers from these countries to embark upon networking opportunities by participating in science and technology networks called 'COST Actions'

The following COST Countries are represented by COST Action IS1406's Management Committee, this means that researchers based in institutions in these countries can participate in the Action:



Austria Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France FYR Macedonia
Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Israel (COST Cooperating State) Italy Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal Romania
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain
 Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom 

 The following countries are not COST Countries, but are categorised as Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs) or International Partner Countries (IPCs) and are represented by individual researchers within the Action: 

  • Albania (NNC)
  • Australia (IPC)
  • Canada (IPC)
  • Lebanon (NNC)
  • United States of America (IPC)

COST Countries without representation in COST IS1406

The following COST countries are not yet represented within our Management Committee. If you would like to participate in the Action, please let us know and we will put you in contact with your COST National Coordinator (CNC):

  • Montenegro

If your country is not listed, but you would still like to participate in COST IS1406, please contact us for advice. You may be able to join as a member from an NNC or IPC.