Dr Stephen Blenkinsop

Academic history:

1998 BSc (Hons) Geography, Class I, University of Durham

1999 MSc (Distinction) Geographical Information Systems, University of Leicester

2005 PhD Observed Climatic Extremes, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia

2005-2011 Research Associate, Newcastle University

2011- Senior Research Associate, Newcastle University

Selected publications:

van VlietMTH, Blenkinsop S, Burton A, Harpham C, Broers HP, Fowler HJ, 2012. A multi-model ensemble of downscaled spatial climate change scenarios for the Dommel catchment, Western Europe. Climatic Change, 111, 249-277.

Goderniaux P, Brouyere S, Blenkinsop S, Burton A, Fowler HJ, Orban P, Dassargues A, 2011. Modeling climate change impacts on groundwater resources using transient stochastic climatic cenarios, Water Resources  Research, 47, W12516, doi:10.1029/2010WR010082.

BlenkinsopS, Jones PD, Dorling SR, Osborn TJ, 2009. Observed and modelled influence of atmospheric circulation on central England temperature extremes, International Journal of Climatology, 29, 1642-1660.

Blenkinsop S, Fowler HJ.  2007.  Changes in drought frequency, severity and duration for the British Isles projected by the PRUDENCE regional climate models.  Journal of Hydrology, 342, 50 - 71.

Fowler HJ, Blenkinsop S, Tebaldi C.  2007.  Linking climate change modelling to impacts studies: recent advances in downscaling techniques for hydrological modelling.  International Journal of Climatology, 27, 1547 - 1578.

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