Principle Investigators

Prof Hayley Fowler

Prof. Hayley Fowler is a Professor in Climate Change Impacts. She has over 10 years experience analysing the impacts of climate change and variability on hydrological systems, climate model outputs and recent trends in extremes and has published more than 35 journal articles since 2000. She is the Principal Investigator on EPSRC SWERVE (£469K; EP/F037422/1; 2008-11) of the CREW programme and Co-Investigator on EPSRC Platform Grant (£1.35M; 2008-2013), and was Co-Investigator on NERC FRACAS (£205K; NE/E002501/1; 2007-10), DEFRA UKCP09 Weather Generator (£155K; 2007-09) projects and also led the €1M HYDRO sub-project within the €13M EU FP6 AquaTerra project (2004-09).

  • Ph.D. Water Resource Systems Research Laboratory, Newcastle University, (1997-2000). “The impacts of climatic change and variability on water resources in Yorkshire”
  • MSc. Water Resource Systems Engineering with distinction, Newcastle University (1996-1997).
  • Geography BA Hons., first class, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University (1993-1996).

Selected publications

Fowler, H.J, Cooley, D, Sain, S.R. Detecting change in UK extreme precipitation using results from the BBC Climate Change Experiment. Extremes, in press.

Fowler, H.J. and Wilby, R.L. 2010. Detecting changes in seasonal precipitation extremes using regional climate model projections: Implications for managing fluvial flood risk. Water Resour. Res., 46, W03525, doi:10.1029/2008WR007636.

Fowler, H.J. and Ekström, M. 2009. Multi-model ensemble estimates of climate change impacts on UK seasonal precipitation extremes. International Journal of Climatology, 29(3), 385-416.

Fowler HJ, Blenkinsop S, Tebaldi C. 2007. Linking climate change modelling to impacts studies: recent advances in downscaling techniques for hydrological modelling. Int. J. Climatol, 27(12), 1547-1578.

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