Prof. Dorota Koziej

Dorota Koziej has been a professor for experimental physics at University of Hamburg since 08/2017. She studied applied physics at Silesian University of Technology, Poland. In 12/2006 Dorota received a joint doctoral degree from University of Tübingen, Germany and Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

After a postdoctoral stay in the group of Prof. M. Niederberger at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, she received a Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship for advanced researchers and moved in 2010 to Harvard University, Group of Prof. D. Weitz, USA. In 2011-15 she was a team leader in the laboratory for functional materials, ETH Zürich. She was awarded the EurJIC Wöhler GDCh Young Investigator Prize in 2015 and  ERC Consolidator Grant in 2018.

Her interest spans from fundamental nanomaterials science to their direct applications.Her research focus is on studying the genesis of nanomaterials in solution with complementary X-ray spectroscopic, scattering and microscopic methods.