Prof. Alexander Soldatov

Professor Alexander Soldatov graduated in Physics from Rostov State University (Russia) in 1977 and got his PhD (1982) and Habilitation (1997) degrees in Materials Science from the same university. He spent his PostDoc as Rome La Sapienza university with professor Antonio Bianconi.

Prof. Soldatov has been Visiting Professor several times at the University of Western Ontario (Canada), La Sapienza university (Italy), Antwerp university (Belgium), Nijmegen university (The Netherlands) and Senior researcher at DESY (Germany), LNF (Italy) synchrotron radiation facilities.

Prof. Soldatov with his PhD student Grigory Smolentsev developed and introduced FitIt approach for obtaining 3D local atomic structure parameters from x-ray absorption spectra (XANES). He organized the multidiciplinary Smart Materials Research institute at Southern Federal university of Russia. His main fields of research are synchrotron operando nanocharacterization of nanostructured materials including machine learning algorithms, supercomputer design and synthesis of advanced materials for catalysis, energy and bio-medical applications.