CONEXS 2020: Emerging Trends in X-Ray Spectroscopy

Tuesday 18 - Thursday 20 February 2020

Newcastle University Business School and the Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle University, UK. 

The CONEXS conference brought together leading national and international experts to discuss emerging trends in X-ray Spectroscopy, examining the intersection of experiment and theory.

The conference programme is available here: Conference Programme

Speakers' Slides:


Day 1

John Rehr, University of Washington

Andrei Sapelkin, Queen Mary University of London

Jakub Szlachetko, Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy od Sciences

Daniel Higley, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Olga Safonova, Paul Scherrer Institute 


Day 2

Tetsuo Katayama, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute

Ben Spencer, University of Manchester

Russell Egdell, University of Oxford

Kevin Lovelock 2, University of Reading