Engineering the Soil Carbon Sink (ENGSCS)
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The Centre for Land Use and Water Resources Research (CLUWRR) is the focus at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne for research into integrated environmental management.

CLUWRR's mission is to:

  • develop integrating methodologies for linking ecology, hydrology, and economics, taking account of issues of sustainability, equity, socio-economics and stakeholder participation.
  • Apply technologies and methodologies to assist the development of plans, strategies, guidelines, and policies for improved environmental, land use and water resources management at the local, regional, national and international scale.

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CLUWRR is involved in interactive research with government departments, agencies, industry and stakeholder communities in real strategic problems on water and the environment. Interactive research entails working with users and funders from definition of the research agenda to implementation of the research findings using participatory methods and facilitating strategic thinking. CLUWRR is a multidisciplinary research group, which enables us to mantain quality of research whilst addressing numerous issues within our study areas.

CLUWRR's expertise comprises a broad range of issues, mostly related to the existing relationships between human acitvity, land use change and water resources availability. These issues have been adapted to diverse settings and locations in different parts of the world.

CLUWRR's ongoing projects are taking place in South Africa, China, Uganda, India, Germany, France and the UK; whilst previous research has included activities in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, South Africa, Tanzania, Grenada, Vietnam and Bangladesh.


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