Launch Event

An online launch event was held for invited participants on 24th February 2021. This was attended by over 140 representatives of stakeholders across the country. 

A range of talks were followed by some lively discussions in breakout rooms which considered the priorities we need to consider in order to develop ClinEdR.

We will be producing a report summarising the conclusions of these discussions, but key messages identified the value of the Incubator in identifying and developing an ambitious community of ClinEdR researchers, and the need to consider all aspects of the system - undergraduate and postgraduate training, funding opportunities and panels, the perceptions of Higher Education Institutions of ClinEdR, and more - in order to achieve the recognition and parity of esteem we aim for.

Next steps of our work will involve some prioritisation to ensure we focus attention on the right areas. If you would like to be involved, please contact us.

Videos of presentations, and slides, are available below.

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Professor Gill Vance introduced the day, and gave some background to the rationale behind the incubator.

You can download Gill's slides here:

Professor Dave Jones, Dean of the NIHR Academy and Professor Anne Marie Keenan, Associate Dean introduced the background to incubators. You can download Professor Keenan's slides below.

Dr Karen Fernando (Assistant Director) and Richard Milham (Programme Manager, Integrated Pathways) of the NIHR then described research training opportunities and career pathways supported by the NIHR. You can download their slides here:

Bryan Burford talked about the breadth of research encompassed by ClinEdR, including examples of work from Professor Julian Archer, Professor Sophie Park, and Dr Daniele Carrieri.

You can download Bryan's slides here:

Janice Ellis talked about the state of ClinEdR in 2021, and some of the initial work done within the Incubator. Her talk included some of Dr Simon Fleming's story.

You can download Janice's slides here:

Full versions of the videos included in these presentations, and other video stories, can be viewed here.