Focus group for early career researchers

28th April 2021, 6pm

The Incubator is hosting a focus group for early career researchers on Wednesday 28th April from 6pm to 7.15pm.

This rewarding event is open to doctors and dentists who are in the early stages of their careers in ClinEdR. This includes those who wish to develop a career in ClinEdR, or who are currently involved in the field up to two years post-doctorate. Future events will be offered for other professional groups.

The focus group will start with a brief introduction to the Incubator, and then discuss the challenges participants have faced. We will explore how the Incubator may be able to provide support for current and future researchers to enhance careers in ClinEdR.

We hope participants will find the opportunity to share experiences with the Incubator, and to hear the experiences of other clinical education researchers, rewarding.  

The focus group will be hosted by clinical academics from medicine and dentistry. 

If you are interested, please register via this link: 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Janice Ellis, Doyin Alao, Laksha Bala, Gillian Vance, Gabrielle Finn