There are some health care professionals who have taken up academic careers but do not have any clinical commitments anymore. Although this does currently limit the NIHR opportunities, there still are funding streams and awards which can be accessed such as Fellowships for All. It is important that such professionals do seek out these opportunities so that educational research is not lost. Academics are in a prime position to undertake and build collaborative project bids in these areas to develop the pedagogical theory that underpins the learning and development of health care students, to ensure they are fit for practice. It should not be assumed that just because they do not hold a clinical position anymore that they should not seek research funding/followships from the NIHR to develop their career.

Much ClinEdR is conducted by academics who do not have clinical backgrounds at all, but who are nevertheless concerned with the development of the clinical and social care workforce. NIHR Fellowships, as well as other funding sources, are also open to these academics.