Incubator objectives

The Incubator has two main objectives.

1. To increase the capacity of the ClinEdR workforce, across clinical professions

We feel there are many talented and enthusiastic researchers who are unable to develop their careers in ClinEdR due to a lack of opportunity, and awareness of opportunity. With the incubator we hope to provide these researchers with the support, advice and networking opportunities to develop a criticial mass of researchers who will in turn act as role models and mentors to others. We hope this will translate to increase in the funding and recognition of ClinEdR research.

2. To increase the visibility of ClinEdR as a wide-ranging, but coherent, academic discipline 

Educational research covers a variety of objectives and methods, and is somewhat fragmented. It has often been located to silos based on researchers' professional background and academic location.

In part through the increased capacity outlined in Objective 1, the Incubator aims to increase the visibility and esteem of ClinEdR as an academic discipline. This will provide a coherent identity for researchers from across the professions, and enhance the profile of ClinEdR as a recognisable discipline. We hope this will enable a cultural shift to break down some of the structural barriers to developing careers in ClinEdR.