Current activity

The initial work of the Incubator has focused on four key areas:

  1. Definition and scope of ClinEdR
    A working group has considered a working definition and criteria which will inclusively describe the breadth of ClinEdR, and the ways in which it can achieve impact.


  2. Engagement and dissemination strategy
    It is important that we reach interested parties across professional groups. This has involved the development of this website, the launch of our Twitter account, and a plan for events over coming months. These will increase awareness of and engagement with the Incubator and ClinEdR.


  3. Professional group differences
    We recognised at the outset that there are differences in the ways in which ClinEdR may form part of clinical careers, and different challenges. We will consider these challenges experienced by different professions and identify unmet needs.


  4. Support and development
    We will develop approaches and resources to address unmet needs. Initially this involves information, but will develop to include workshops, case studies, and guidance to develop successful research proposals.