Is my work ClinEdR?

ClinEdR can take many forms. We want the incubator to be inclusive of research with different interests and objectives, that takes different approaches with different paradigms and methods.

If you are not sure if your area of interest, or a project you are developing, would fall within the definition of ClinEdR, we have identified a number of criteria. In general, a project is likely to be considered as ClinEdR if its main focus is on one or more of the following areas.

  • Pedagogical research
    • Teaching  or  learning  strategies  and evaluation
    • Learning within placements
    • Learning through simulation
    • Cognitive, social or cultural aspects of learning
    • Assessment
    • Feedback, coaching or supported reflection
  • Educational programmes
    • Educational planning or curriculum design
    • Educational selection / recruitment
  • The organisational context of learning
    • Learning  environment, working environment  or workplace culture
    • Issues of  workforce inclusivity or diversity
  • Regulation
    • Appraisal, awarding or maintaining  of licences
    • Fitness to practice, professional sanctions, or remediation
  • Learner experience
    • Learners’ / educators’ characteristics  or identity
    • Professionalism
    • Transitions between educational/career phases
    • Supporting learners, wellbeing or burnout
    • Career planning and progression

However these are not fixed, and we welcome enquires about whether a particular idea or project would be within our scope.