Research students

CIAS offers postgraduate students who work on artefacts and material culture studies a wide array of training opportunities and research resources. Students working with CIAS are encouraged to share their research in seminars and symposiums and to take part in research projects coordinated by CIAS staff.

We are happy to support applications for postgraduate research degrees by talented students from all over the world. CIAS staff members will be able to advise prospective applicants about the application process and funding opportunities.

We have a lively Erasmus exchange programme and can also accept applications for Erasmus Work Placements. If you are interested in visits funded by Erasmus, please contact Dr Andrea Dolfini.

Current postgraduate students include:

  • Emma Gooch - The Material Culture of Children in Ancient Greece: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Identity
  • Raphael Hermann - Unlocking Bronze Age Combat
  • Victoria Lucas
  • Andrew Marriott - Trench art of the North-East: material culture, memory and perception from the First World War to the present
  • Marco Romeo Pitone - Reconstructing Early Cypriot Metallurgy: the Case of Pyrgos-Mavroraki
  • Amber Roy - A contextual and comparative analysis of the uses and significance of British Neolithic and Early Bronze Age hafted stone implements
  • Evan Scherer - Terrae amissae: A comparative study of Southwest Germany and Transylvania in the Third Century
  • Michael Smith - Studying the life cycle of the British slave trade (1680-1807)
  • Louise Tolson - What 19th-century objects know: archaeology, oral history and the communal knowledge of working-class women
  • Olivia Turner - Beneath the Skin: Skin as metaphor and medium in contemporary practice
  • Violeta Tsenova - Critical Making and Innovation Heritage