NU Digital Heritage

NU Digital Heritage is a project that seeks to integrate the latest in 3D-scanning technology to deliver professional-grade 3D models for use in research, museum and classroom environments. Wessex Archaeology (North) was contracted to work on data capture and processing. The project has delivered approximately 50 models of Roman stone monuments (including altars, tombstones, building inscriptions, and sculptures) and 10 models of artefacts.

These models can be found on the NU Digital Heritage website and are available for purchase under personal, educational and commercial licences along with some free content.

The project has produced other outputs, including:
  • a conference paper delivered at the 23rd International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies in Ingolstadt, Bavaria in September 2015
  • featured in British Archaeology magazine, issue 142 (May/June 2015)
  • a paper in Hadrian's Wall Archaeology magazine, issue 6 (2015)
  • two videos featuring animation of the scanned stone monuments and artefacts produced by John McCarthy of Wessex Archaeology

Project websites: 

Project Leader(s): Professor Ian Haynes, Professor Peter Stone and Dr Rob Collins (Newcastle University).

Sponsors: support was provided from Newcastle University's Higher Education Innovation Fund and through the office of the Dean for Research and Innovation.

Partners: Hexham Abbey, the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.