Lindsay Allason-Jones BA, MLitt, FSA, FSAScot, FMA, FRSA, OBE

  • Roman small finds from anywhere in the Roman Empire
  • Artefacts relating to the native-Roman interaction across borders

Rob Collins BA, MA, PhD, FSA

  • Roman-Modern coins
  • Prehistoric-Modern metalwork
  • Prehistoric-Modern bone/antler objects
  • 3D scanning and modelling

Andrea Dolfini PhD Cantab

  • Copper Age and Bronze Age metalwork from Britain and Europe
  • Use-wear analysis of copper-alloy tools and weapons by optical microscopy
  • Laboratory and field-based pXRF analysis of archaeological materials, residues and artefacts

James Gerrard BA, MA, PhD, AIfA 

  • Romano-British pottery
  • Roman coins
  • Roman small finds
  • Roman hoards and metal vessels

Myra Giesen BA (Hons), MA, PhD

  • On-site identification of human remains
  • Post-excavation assessment and analysis of human remains
  • Compliance of human remains law and ethic
  • Development of collection management policy and procedures
  • Conduct repatriation consultations

Mark Jackson BA, MA, PhD

  • Roman ceramics from the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Byzantine ceramics from the Eastern Mediterranean

Thea Ravasi PhD

  • Roman amphorae
  • Roman artefacts from the Central Mediterranean

Lisa-Marie Shillito MA (Oxon) MSc PhD FSA Scot.

  • Thin-section micromorphology
  • Phytolith analysis
  • Coprolite analysis

Alex Turner BA (Hons), MPhil 

  • Creation of GIS/Database solutions using ArcGIS and Microsoft Access
  • Customised GUI for databases and GIS for more effective workflow
  • Orthorectification of historic maps and aerial photographs
  • Implementation of existing client datasets or commission new collections of historic datasets in a customised GIS
  • Spatial analysis of client data to create bespoke cartographic output
  • 3D scanning and modelling

Rob Young BA, PhD

  • All aspects of prehistoric lithic studies
  • Prehistoric small finds
  • Prehistoric pottery

Archaeological Illustration Group 

  • CAD-drawing of small finds
  • Training in archaeological illustration