Commercial services

CIAS offers expert commercial consultancy for artefact identification and analysis at competitive day-rates. Our work is undertaken in compliance of industry standards as required by Historic England and the Institute for Archaeologists.

We offer the following commercial services:

  • Identification and assessment of small finds from prehistory to present day
  • Specialist post-excavation analysis including spot-dating, assessing and publishing a wide range of small finds
  • Chemical characterisation of objects and industrial residues by portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF)
  • Use-wear analysis of copper-alloy tools and weapons
  • Archaeological illustration of small finds
  • Identification and assessment of human remains
  • Thin-section micromorphology
  • GIS/database solutions and customised cartographic outputs
A full list of our specialists is available here: Specialists

Additional analytical services can be offered in collaboration with Advanced Chemical and Materials Analysis (ACMA) and the Durham Archaeomaterials Research Centre (DARClab).
For further information and quotations please contact Dr Andrea Dolfini.