Tickets go on sale at Lakeside Arts in Nottingham

As part of the tour, Fan Jian, an award-winning independent filmmakers from China will present and discuss his films with audiences at the Lakeside Arts in Nottingham on 12 November.

Director Fan Jian’s feature-length documentary, The Next Life (2011) and its short follow-up A Second Child (2019), follow a couple who lost their only daughter in the Great Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. Charting their lives for a decade, the film is an emotional tribute to the couple’s longing for another child. When they are blessed with a son, it serves only as a reminder of their loss. The films bring people’s attention to post-disaster mental health, which is as important as physical recovery. 

Ticketes can be purchased on the website below.

Last modified: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 09:36:41 BST