Tickets go on sale at Bertha DocHouse in London

As part of the tour, two award-winning independent filmmakers from China Fan Jian and Wang Libo will present and discuss their films with audiences at Bertha DocHouse.

Director Fan Jian’s feature length documentary, The Next Life (2011) and its short follow-up A Second Child (2019), follow a couple who lost their only daughter in the Great Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. Charting their lives for a decade, the film is an emotional tribute to the couple’s longing for another child. When they are blessed with a son, it serves only as a reminder of their loss. The films bring people’s attention to post-disaster mental health, which is as important as physical recovery. 

14th Nov, 6:30pm, The Next Life plus Q&A with filmmaker Fan Jian, Bertha DocHouse in London

Director Wang Libo’s film Oh, The Sanxia (2013) presents the director’s in-depth research into, and subtle critique of, the Three Gorges Dam (Sanxia), which is the world’s biggest dam and one of China’s most expensive and controversial projects. The large-scale human relocation and long-term ecological impact of the dam have aroused wide concern. The film not only looks into the project itself but also reveals the vicissitude of China’s politics over the past three decades.

20th Nov 6:30pm, Oh, the Sanxia plus Q&A with filmmaker Wang Libo, Bertha DocHouse in London

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