This theme captures a wide range of research relating to children and young people’s wellbeing and resilience.  This includes critical understandings of the measures we use to measure wellbeing.
  • What is meant by children’s wellbeing?
  • In what ways do we understand children’s resilience?
  • Critical understandings of the measures of childhood and adolescence well-being
  • Research that explores key signifiers of children’s wellbeing, especially (but not only) their physical and mental health.

Example of activity

„It feels a bit homey“ – Young refugees in Glasgow

In her PhD research Joanna Wiseman is looking at young refugees’ home making strategies and experiences of belonging in Glasgow, Scotland. Through fieldwork, which took place over the course of 18 months and involved participant observation, (group) interviews and participatory art projects, Joanna tried to identify the ways through which young refugees in Scotland (re-)build a sense of home and the barriers they face in this context. Her research thereby touches on wider issues regarding belonging such as experiences of discrimination and racism, which strongly impacted on the young people’s ability to develop a sense of being ‘at home’.