The CYP Research Hub was established in 2014 following a networking event organised by Professors Kathryn Hollingsworth and Liz Todd in June of that year.  The event brought together researchers from across the University whose work involves children and young people to discuss common interests, methodologies and theoretical approaches.

The aim of the Research Hub is to provide a focal point for the multitude of research that takes place across the University on and with children and young people.  It has an internal purpose (to allow researchers to come together, to swap ideas and best practice and to explore the possibility of establishing inter-disciplinary research projects) and an external purpose (to allow those outside the University - fellow researchers, NGOs, charities, government organisations, schools, and others - to more easily identify academics with expertise in research relating to children and young people). 

The Research Hub will work closely with other established institutions within the University including the Newcastle Institute of Social Renewal and the Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute.

We welcome new members from Newcastle University and would invite you to contact Jenny Hasenfuss and Kathryn Hollingsworth if you would like to join this exciting new grouping.‌