Interlab Meeting  

Our weekly research progress and journal club meeting provides a venue in which to discuss current research with a diverse group of colleagues interested in cell division from different perspectives, to critically evaluate the literature, and to develop contacts with members of other labs.

Colleagues with relevant interests from other labs are also welcome to join our meetings, providing support for them on cell division-related projects that may not be “mainstream” in their own laboratories.

Current Schedule

Large Meeting Room - Tuesdays 12-1:30 pm (unless stated otherwise)

20th February


UG Talks (see below)

27th February


UG Talks (see below)

13th March


Jianquan Li (RS)

Guru Manickam (RS/JC)

26th March (Monday)


Spring CDBG Meeting

NUBS 8.10

10th April


Easter Break


24th April


Nanmao Dang (RS/JC)

Rowanne Allon (MSci)

8th May


Josana Rodriguez (RS/JC)

Beth Weston (RS)

22nd May


Alicia Gascon (RS)

James Dunce (RS)

5th June


Paul Jowsey (RS/JC)

Carmen Espejo Serrano (RS/JC)

19th June


Nik Watson (JC)

Lucy Salmon (RS)

3rd July


Urszula McClurg (RS/JC)

Suzanne Madgwick (RS/JC) 

17th July


Onur Sen (JC)


31st July


Omar Al-Jourani (MRes)

Amy Milburn (RS/JC)





UG - 20/02/2018

UG - 27/02/2018

Anna Karakusevic

Mark Umerah

Yu Thet Swe

Gabi McGregor

Olivia Dool

Arwel Hopkins

Tom Rickards

Kristy Thompson


RS = Research Seminar

JC = Journal Club

Interlab Meeting Schedule MSWord 56Kb

The current schedule for the Cell Division Biology Interlab Meeting