Interlab Meeting  

Our fortnightly research progress and journal club meeting provides a venue in which to discuss current research with a diverse group of colleagues interested in cell division and chromosome dynamics from different perspectives, to critically evaluate the literature, and to develop contacts with members of other labs.

Colleagues with relevant interests from other labs are also welcome to join our meetings, providing support for them on projects involving cell division and chromosome dynamics that may not be “mainstream” in their own laboratories.

Current Schedule

Large Meeting Room - Tuesdays 12-1:30 pm (unless stated otherwise)

14th January
Amy Milburn (RS)
28th January
Simon Whitehall (JC)
11th February
David Shapira (RS)
25th February
10th March
David Lydall (JC)
24th March
Callum Fraser (RS)
21st April
Laura Maringele (JC)
5th May
Stuart Fulton (RS)
19th May      
Adam Wollman (JC)
2nd June      
Mahsa Azizyan (RS)
16th June
Abdulwarith Momoh (RS)
30th June
Iolo Squires (RS)
14th July
Connor Gilkes-Imeson (RS)


RS = Research Seminar

JC = Journal Club

Interlab Meeting Schedule MSWord 53Kb

The current schedule for the Cell Division and Chromosome Dynamics Interlab Meeting