Anxiety Scale for Children - ASD

The Anxiety Scale for Children- ASD (ASC-ASD©) is a 24 item self-report anxiety questionnaire, with four sub-scales: Separation Anxiety (SA), Uncertainty (U), Performance Anxiety (PA) and Anxious Arousal (AA), for use with young people aged between 8-16 years with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The ASC-ASD© was derived from a well-validated measure of anxiety developed for use with typically developing children; the Revised Children's Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS, Chorpita et al, 2000). Copies of the original RCADS can be found at

The development work was supported financially by the Baily Thomas Foundation. We are grateful to Professor Chorpita for granting permission for the adaptation and our funders of their support of this work.

The development and initial evaluation of the ASC-ASD is reported in the following journal paper:

Rodgers, J., Wigham, S., McConachie, H., Freeston M., Honey, E., Parr, JR. Development of the Anxiety Scale for Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASC-ASD) Autism Research, 2016 (e print ahead of pub).

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