Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory

Communications, Sensors, Signal and Information Processing Group
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University


Our laboratory is recently refurbished and has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research environment. The laboratory contains - at the moment - the following major equipment:

  • D360: An 8-channel biological amplifies, CE marked according to EU Medical Device Directive (Digitimer);
  • Trigno Wireless: A 16-channel EMG recording system with embedded 3-axis accelerometers (Delsys);
  • 5DT: A wireless data glove with 14 sensors (5DT).
  • RoboLimb: A fully-programmable prosthesis hand (Touch Bionics);
  • USB6218: A bus-powered high-speed 16-channel isolated data acquisition system (National Instruments);

If you are interested in using any of these equipment in an academic capacity, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a visit for you. 

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Last updated: June 2015