Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory

Communications, Sensors, Signal and Information Processing Group
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Newcastle University

Principal Investigator: Kia Nazarpour

The Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory (BSPL) is a research laboratory in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Newcastle University. We are intrerested in understanding human sensorimotor control from an engineering perspective, developing algorithmic frameworks that can improve global healthcare, and training the next generation of biomedical engineers.



  • There are two vacant research posts. Please contact Kia Nazarpour for information. (11/15)
  • Our EPSRC to build a long-term collaboration with Ossur is approved. (11/15)
  • Dr Matthew Dyson joins the lab as a Research Associate to work on the SimCon project. (11/15)
  • Emma Brunton joins the lab as a Research Assistant to work on the SenseBack project. (10/15)
  • Three abstracts accepted for presentation in IET Intelligent Signal Processing Conference, London, UK. (07/15)
  • Ghazal receives a travel grant to attend the prestigious Kyoto MLSS Summer School, Japan. (06/15)
  • Our recent IEEE TNSRE paper on artificial proprioceptive feedback (link) has been one of the most popular article (according to the number of downloads) since May 2015. To see the ranking please visit here. (06/15)
  • Three papers on myoelectric control accepted for presentation in IEEE EMBC 2015, Milan, Italy (06/15)
  • Two postdoc positions are open. Please contact Kia Nazarpour for details (06/15).
  • A new publication in IEEE TNSRE: Artificial proprioceptive feedback for myoelectric control (link, OA) (05/15)
  • Kia is delighted to hear that his EPSRC First Grant is accepted (link) (04/15).
  • BBC press coverage: Newcastle University bionis limb project gets £1.4m boost (link) (02/15)


  • A postdoc position will soon be advertised. Please contact Kia Nazarpour for details (12/14)
  • Ghazal and Ali join the lab as PhD students (9/14).
  • The IEEE TNSRE Special Section on Advances in Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control is now out. Please follow this link to read the papers (link)
  • Two papers accepted for Oral Presentation at IEEE EMBC 2014, Chicago (05/14) and one as a Poseter. 
  • Dr Nazarpour is now a Senior Member of the IEEE (05/14).
  • Website Launched (04/14)

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