Work with us

The global challenges for wastewater treatment are significant for industry, environment and society.

The BE:WISE facility is for academic researchers and industry seeking to reduce the environmental impacts of wastewater treatment, delivering sustainable biological treatment processes applied at a range of scales. 

How are we meeting challenges for wastewater treatment?

  • Generating knowledge based on sound science and robust experimentation using real wastewater at a scale that reflects the complexity of wastewater treatment.
  • Developing tools that will help reduce the costs and timescales of designing novel biological treatment processes.
  • Simulating and demonstrating sustainable approaches to wastewater treatment never tested before.

Why work with us?

  • Newcastle University has internationally leading research groups in Mathematical Biology, Scalable Computing, Synthetic Biology and Hydrodynamics.
  • We have combined academic excellence with application in Water Engineering and Engineering Biology for over 60 years.
  • We have made notable advances in molecular microbial ecology, have an international reputation in the theory of engineering biology.
  • We have developed novel solutions to the sustainable treatment of domestic and coal/metalliferous wastewaters.
  • We have led another large project on the simulation of open engineered biological systems (NUFEB) that has made advances that BE:WISE will progress further.