About the Facility

The BE:WISE wastewater treatment facility located in Birtley, Gatheshead, North East England, is speeding up the transition from existing energy-intensive treatment processes to low-carbon alternatives that have lower running costs. It is dedicated to academic and industrial research.

Researchers worldwide can apply to use this facility for academic researchTo register your interest please send an email to: BEWISE@newcastle.ac.uk.

Features of the BE:WISE facility:

  • Enables experiments to be run using 10,000 times more microbes than can be used in the laboratory.
  • Test and replicate different elements of the wastewater treatment process so new ways of treating wastewater can be developed with greater confidence.
  • The facility uses actual wastewater from a sewage treatment plant, which receives wastewater from a population of around 30,000 people.

Further Information: