2016-2017 Validating ASTEROID - NOW COMPLETE

We have completed this stage of the project and are now analysing the data we collected from over 1000 people.

And we would like to say...

Thank you to all who participated to help validate ASTEROID!



ASTEROID is a new game for children to test how well they can see 3D. This helps doctors to measure how well the two eyes work together for children with lazy eye or squint. It can also help to monitor how well treatment is working. The game is on a 3D tablet computer and is fun to play!


What does ‘validating’ mean?

Before the new test can be used in eye clinics, it is crucial to know how well children perform on this new test. We asked over 1000 healthy children (as well as some adults) in the North East to play ASTEROID. This will tell us what an average score on ASTEROID will be.

We asked the children/adults to do both ASTEROID and the Preschool Randot Stereoacuity test (the 3D vision test is currently used in eye clinics) in order to compare our new test with the older standard tests.

It is important that a test always gives the same results with the same child, so some children were asked to play ASTEROID twice. 


How did the validating take place? 

The ASTEROID team visited local primary schools and nurseries that agreed to take part between July 2016 and June 2017. We will offer the children the opportunity to play our new game. Parents will receive an information letter and we will ask them to give us some information about their child’s eye health.


Who took part?

We recruited children from local schools and nurseries from the North East of England between Spring 2016 - Summer 2017. In addition, we had some children (and adults) that took part held at other local events and venues. Thank you to all who got involved and helped us!