Since 2014 we have grown a sizeable cross-Faculty, inter-disciplinary, research community all with interest in researching the Anthropocene.

This growing network currently includes 50+ academic staff across 12 Schools and Research units.  We aim to use this cross-Faculty community to develop bold, innovative research bids.  Research deliverables are targeted at transforming both behavior and dominant modes of thinking, not just within research communities, but also among the general public, policy-makers, non-governmental organizations and the commercial sector.

Faculty of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (HASS)

School of History Classics and Archaeology; School of Geography, Politics and Sociology; School of Arts and Cultures; Newcastle Law School; School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape; School of Education Communication and Language Sciences; Computing Science; Global Urban Research Unit.

Faculty of Science Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE)

School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences; School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development; School of Biology; School of Marine Science and Technology


Our University-level Societal Challenge Themes compliment the agenda of the Anthropocene Research Group as they address the demand and impact aspect of research by responding to some of the most pressing needs within society. They also form part of our institution’s overall focus on ‘excellence with impact’.

HASS Societal Challenge Theme: Social Renewal  
Newcastle has significant strengths in research relating to societal change and how individuals, communities and organisations adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. This is coordinated by the Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal (NISR).

SagE Societal Challenge Theme: Sustainability  
Sustainability can be summarised as ‘enough, for all, forever'. Under this banner the Newcastle University Institute for Sustainability coordinates research across traditional discipline boundaries to deliver practical, engaged solutions to real-world issues.

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Andy Large

  • Reader in River Science
  • Email:
  • Field-based Physical Geographer with almost 30 years’ experience in researching river catchment systems.

Helen Berry

Gerard Corsane

  • Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Cultures
  • Gerard's research interests revolve around issues of identity construction and representation in colonial and postcolonial museum, heritage, public history and cultural tourism contexts.

Hayley Fowler

Dr Andrew Henderson

Andrew Law

Quihua Liang

Maggie Roe

  • Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture
  • Maggie’s research interests lie in large scale landscape planning and design, cultural landscapes, landscape ecology, sustainable landscapes, coastal landscape planning.

Liz Todd

Alison Vipond

  • Research Coordinator
  • Alison facilitates and support interdisciplinary research to address key sustainability research challenges, particularly relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.