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Welcome to the Altered Eating Research Network. The Network formed in 2018 to address difficulties around food and eating as a trans-diagnostic concern. Altered eating may be the result of disease, illness or life-course transitions and may involve time-limted or chronic difficulties with food and eating. The altered eating framework addresses the physical to the social and emotional consequences; and our team is developing a menu of interventions to address eating disruption (for example: smell and taste training, cooking workshops, coping tips and hints). The AE Research Network is also developing a public interface for the many  people whose difficulties with food and eating are under-recognised and unsupported - stay tuned.  For more information on altered eating view our new paper on AE. See also our twitter feed @alteredeating.

In March 2018 Sam Storey, cook for the Altered Eating Research Network, was shortlisted as one of three finalists for the 2018 BBC Food and Farming Award 'Cook of the Year'. More information about Sam and the award here.

News and events

BBC Food and Farming Award

Research cook Sam Storey shortlisted for 'cook of the year'

Christmas graze

Christmas with Altered Eating

Patient information day: smell and taste loss

A get together around food with Sam the cook