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Welcome to our new cohort of students joining AGE

The AGE Research Group is pleased to welcome a new cohort of students, including intercalating medical students and a BSc Biomedical Sciences student, who are completing their 6 and 3 month research projects with us. This opportunity allows them to gain first-hand experience of multi-disciplinary research, benefit from the guidance of an experienced research team and to develop their research skills with a focus on ageing, multiple long-term conditions and sarcopenia.

Intercalating medical students, Hermione Anderson, James Prowse, Joseph Dean, Sharlene Jaiswal, Nata Putrinata and Rebecca Chungath are studying for a Masters of Research in Ageing and Health. Rachel Turner is in her third year of study for a BSc in Biomedical Sciences.

Working with members of the AGE group students will have the opportunity to consider how their research contributes to our work to improve outcomes for people living with sarcopenia, frailty and multiple long-term conditions.

We look forward to seeing their projects develop and hearing them present their work as part of our AGE Seminar series. Read more about their projects here.

Last modified: Wed, 23 Mar 2022 13:01:14 GMT