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Visting Researcher Dr Jonas Johansson joins AGE from UiT Tromsø, Norway

The AGE Research Group welcomes Dr Jonas Johansson, an Exercise Physiologist working at the The Arctic University of Norway in Trosmo, who has joined us for a four-month research visit focusing on translational sarcopenia research. Originally from Sweden, he has a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine and a PhD in Public Health, with a specific focus on healthy ageing. 

Jonas had the opportunity to network with members of the AGE Research Group during the International Sarcopenia Translational Research Conference hosted by the group in June 2021. 

Jonas discusses why he chose to join us:

“To visit the AGE Research Group was a natural choice and great opportunity for me to get closer to the centre of European sarcopenia research, and to meet with researchers who have been instrumental in the revision of the sarcopenia clinical guidelines over the past decade. Furthermore, the group has a strong focus on patient-centered research, and thus this research visit will provide relevant insight into both the epidemiological and clinical research areas of ageing, muscle strength and sarcopenia. My long-term ambitions are to do more translational sarcopenia research, implement more sarcopenia screening in the Norwegian healthcare system, and to work with physical activity monitoring and exercise interventions to strengthen the health of older adults.”

His research experience encompasses epidemiological studies on physical activity, muscle strength, physical function, body composition, fall risk assessment and ageing. He has also planned and executed exercise intervention studies focusing on resistance and balance exercise in older adults. Using the Tromsø Study cohort he studies the muscle strength measures of the updated European sarcopenia guidelines and investigates their associations with physical activity and clinical endpoints. 


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