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UK NRP Workshop: Nutrition and Frailty

On 6th November we hosted a ‘hot topic’ workshop with Dr Mary Ni Lochlainn (King's College, London), that was funded by the MRC under the UK Nutrition Research Partnership call.  The aim of the workshop was to bring together researchers across a broad spectrum of disciplines and expertise to discuss the role of nutrition as an influence on frailty - and to consider its importance in the UK context Postponed from May, and now hosted remotely on Zoom, we were delighted to welcome 30 attendees to join the meeting for a diverse set of presentations including an exciting set of short talks from early career researchers on new areas such as the microbiome and metabolomics.  Although we were sad not to meet in person in Newcastle as originally planned before COVID-19there was time to chat in small groups and, working remotely, provided opportunity to reach distant colleagues across the UK and in Europe too!  We hope this is the start of a wider conversation around nutrition and ageing - and particularly, opportunities, working with new colleagues, to make progress in the prevention and treatment of frailty. 

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