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New study shows increased risks of mortality in COVID-19 patients with frailty

AGE Research Group members Dr Sarah Richardson and Professor Miles Witham have been involved in a new study from The Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative (GeMRC) that has revealed the extent to which frailty increases the risk of mortality in COVID-19 patients.

The research, co-authored by Dr Richardson and published in Age and Ageing, is supported by NIHR and is the largest international study of its kind to date.

To read more about the findings please see the NIHR Newcastle BRC Website.

The publication is available here: Wilson et al (2021). Age and frailty are independently associated with increased COVID-19 mortality and increased care needs in survivors: results of an international multi-centre study’.  Age and Ageing. 

Last modified: Fri, 05 Feb 2021 11:51:10 GMT