Welcome to the Water Resources Group Website!

The Water Resources Group is the busy home of a large and diverse group of hydrologists, hydrodynamic modellers and water engineers in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University.  We have become aware that we are so busy doing our research and teaching that we don’t communicate our results and activities as well or as widely as we would like. To address this we have embarked on this new initiative, aimed at collecting our news, activities, successes, publications and ideas into one place and to summarise changes every 6 months in our Newsletter.

The Water Resources Group (with our research arm known as the Water Resource Systems Research Laboratory) has delivered research and postgraduate teaching since 1985 and is now arguably the largest water engineering group in the UK, with 11 academics, some 20 researchers and support staff, around 30 PhD students and a research income of over £9M (2008–2012).  Details of our staff and their research interests can be found here.

Our research covers theoretical and practical aspects of water in the natural and built environment using computational and field experimental approaches. We work closely with colleagues across the University and in the Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research (CESER) to extend our work into water management, pollution, climate change, infrastructure, governance and economics.

Capabilities in hydrological, rainfall groundwater and pollution modelling have been a strength of the group from its birth in 1985, when the SHETRAN modelling system was developed.  In recent years, new computing platforms such as GPUs and the Cloud have enabled new capabilities in hydrodynamic modelling with CityCAT and Hi-PIMS.  In parallel, new capabilities have been developed in climate change scenarios and impact assessment, such as the national UKCP09 weather generator.

These developments have been informed and “reality-checked” with field programmes and designed to meet the needs of climate change impact assessment, flood risk management and the sustainability agenda.  That we have been successful is evidenced by our multiple research and consultancy roles in the UK and worldwide, addressing new problems across socio-economics, global change, cities and coasts whilst maintaining our core skills in hydrology and hydrodynamics.

We also deliver a uniquely comprehensive range of MSc courses informed by our research:

These are available both full-time and part-time and provide internationally leading specialist coverage of hydrology, climate change, hydroinformatics, hydrogeology and flood risk management.

We hope that you find the web pages useful and informative – just drop us a line if you are interested in any of our outputs or courses or wish to work or study with us!

Professor Chris Kilsby

Professor of Hydrology and Climate Change