Yumei Huang

‌Yumei Huang - y.huang21@ncl.ac.uk


PhD Title:

Impacts of Water Resources Management on Food Security in China


PhD Project Details:

Water is the key to food security.  China is the second largest country in the world, and the natural resources and ground water are very rich in this country.  However, with the remarkable growth of economy and population, development of industries, raising standard of living and expansion of irrigated agriculture, China has presented great challenges to manage water resources management.  Besides, global climate change is posing great threats to food security and bringing additional uncertainty in water supply in China.


Therefore, there is a high need to ensure effective water resource management to enhance food security, to qualify water and food patterns to address China’s future food/water needs, and the spatial and temporal analysis of water resources and food production is highly needed.  The aim of this research is to develop tools to evaluate the impacts of water resources management on food security in China, try to address the problems of water resources management in future water resources, the crop water use and the climate uncertainty impacts on water and food security in China.  Simulating the potential parameters using crop water use model - here we use Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model and linked Geographic Information System (GIS) of land properties.



Dr Paul Quinn

Professor Qiuhua Liang