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Broad Scale Flood Risk Analysis of Thames Estuary


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Over many decades, studies of Thames Estuary hydrological regime were of obvious scientific and practical interest.  Thames Estuary runs through London, where roughly around 350km2 of land at risk from flooding containing over £200 billion of property, 1.25 million people, 40,000 commercial and industrial areas which are of national importance and substantial key infrastructure.  A substantial part of London is built on the floodplain of the Thames and its tributaries, prevented from flooding by a complex system of flood defences which includes Thames Barrier.  In the past, inflows from the tributaries catchments draining into the tidal Thames Estuary are poorly understood due to the computational limitation.


The development of in-house 2D hydrodynamics modelling accelerated with Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) enables the Thames Estuary to be detailed topographically; hence simulation for the dynamic propagation of flood over fluvial and estuarine floodplains is possible in a broad scale for coupling of storm surges, estuarine hydrodynamics and tidal extremes.  This will further incorporate to the effect of Thames small tributaries on flooding as it enters the estuary and flooding in the tributaries themselves provide access to broad-scale effects in inundation modelling by systematically comparing the numerical outputs from the whole model with those obtained by splitting the floodplain into a few sub-domains, put simply, it enables changes of flood inundation extent, depth and velocity to be model over a period of flood event.  The broad scale flood simulation system is predicted to be able to quantify flood risk and damage estimation with the use of combine GIS output information from the maximum depths and velocities results thus estimated regional flood impacts for a range of climate change, socioeconomic and also flood risk management scenarios.



Dawson, R.J., Hall, J.W., Sayers, P.B., Rosu, C., Chatterton, J.B. and Deakin, R. (2003) 'A Methodology for National-Scale Flood Risk Assessment', Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Water and Maritime Engineering, 156(3), pp. 235-247.


FRMRC Research Report SWP1.6 (2012), Demonstrating Strategic Flood Management of Estuary Systems.


Liang, Q., Smith, L.S. (2013) 'A GPU-Accelerated Hydrodynamic Model for Urban Flood Inundation', Proceedings of 2013 IAHR Congress, 2013 Tsinghua University Press, Beijing.



(Image 1 - Digital terrain model (DTM) and assumed inflow location for Southend, Teddington and River Lea (1:50))



Professor Richard Dawson

Professor Qiuhua Liang



Government of Brunei Darussalam


Related Outputs

Abdul Rashid, A, Malinov, S, Skulev, H & Sha, W 2007, 'Microstructure of Nickel-Based Plasma Sprayed Coatings: An LM and XRD Study', Microscopy and Analysis, Vol 21 (6), pp. 11-13.



2007-2008: Post Graduate Certificate in Technical Education, University Brunei Darussalam


2003-2004: Masters of Science in Structural Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), England, UK


2001-2003: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Civil Engineering, Queens University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK