Communities: 'nothing about us without us'

Our aim is to raise the status of children’s home languages, to explicitly valorise these languages in order to support children’s learning. Our first partner community is Roma and Traveller children and families. At a European level Roma children and families continue to experience racism, intolerance, discrimination and social exclusion, which can make children’s arrival at a new school very difficult.

In Britain we are working with Arthur’s Hill Federation of primary schools (age 5-11) in the west of inner city Newcastle upon Tyne. AHF schools have a high proportion of minority ethnic children and children for whom English is not their first language.  

In Romania we are working with the People2People Foundation:

  • People2People Foundation School in Tinca, Bihor county
  • People2People Foundation School and Community Centre in Alparea, Bihor county
  • We also visited the Centrul Multifuncţional in Tinca, and the People2People Foundation office and training centre in Oradea, Bihor county.

In Finland we are working with teachers and pupils at Kartano School in Järvenpää. We also visited the Hirundo Day Centre run by Helsinki Deaconess Institute.

In France we are working with teachers and pupils at Collège Victor Hugo in Sète and Paul Valery Museum in Sète, with links to other schools in the Régional education authority of Montpellier.

Visit our links page for a list of other projects working with Roma and Traveller communities in education, and links to information about the specific difficulties often experienced by Roma and Traveller communities in education.

We will also work with other communities in Britain, France, and Romania. We will then make ROMtels software technology available for free to educators to use with the communities they work with.